Ballbag (2022)

Ever accidentally offended a criminal at a party? Or been offered a wank by a homeless person?
Join Frank T Bird on a series of psychedelic adventures from LSD at a golf course to multiple chicken poisonings to a series of bizarre inventions.
By the time you finish this book, you will either be spiritually enlightened, in a mental home, or you will be just the same as before.

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The Therapist (2022)

Frank is a successful psychologist struggling to deal with a shady past and an unhealthy taste for alcohol.
Late on a Friday, he counsels a man with an unbreakable masturbation addiction. But, the session leaves Frank feeling dislodged. His career and personal life begin to spiral out of control, and a series of mind-bending events leave Frank wondering if he is the therapist or the patient.

The Therapist is a dark, funny ride through the mind of an intelligent man coming to terms with his past.

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